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30 July 2022 : - We are experiencing major delays of some of our components. It has been a struggle to find and source components we use in our products. As a result, the VibraISO filters have been put on hold until we decide to start up production of them.

The Aern speakers are being assembled as the components are coming in. We had to change suppliers for some of the components needed in their manufacture, due to delays and parts being unavailable. Held out since Oct.2021 but now must make changes to get the Aern's manufactured.

Burn- in, testing and qualifying the new components is taking time and pushing out the date when the Aern's will be ready to ship.

Axpona 2022 is over! It has been a humbling experience for us. There were a few mishaps, but we managed to put in a showing. It was touch and go for awhile. The final production Aern speakers were not completed in time due to supply problems. We ended up using a preproduction pair of Aern's which unfortunately also got damaged in shipping.

We fixed the damaged and then made do with the best. Fortunately, the prototype pair was still able to reproduce the sound quality of the final production model.

There will be a separate section devoted to Axpona 2022 which will be uploaded later.

Axpona 2022 is here. April 22,23 and the 24th, 2022 at the Renaissance Convention Center in Schaumberg, IL.

We will be exhibiting in Room 452, and will be looking forward to meeting you.

Have a wonderful time @ the show and keep enjoying the music...

April 2022: