Axpona 2022 :

It was our first time exhibiting, and we could not have chosen a better debut. A few things did not go as planned but most of it was good.

First the production pair of Aern Speakers was delayed due to supply problems. We had to substitute the preproduction pair that the entire production line is based on. It is a heavily used and worn unit which also suffered damage in transport to Axpona. We had to repair the damage and make do. Luckily the damage did not affect the sound reproduction quality. For this we were grateful.

Mostly we were grateful that everyone who stopped by our listening room took time out of their busy schedule to drop in. The system was built with the purpose of bringing that elusive 'magic' that high end products seem to possess down to a point where the younger generation would be able to enjoy it.

The Equipment :

Starting at the source end -

  • Arcam DV 137 . An oldie but goodie !

  • Prototype S preamp with generic ( not final ) chasis.

  • NuForce STA 200 Class D power amp

  • Aern Speakers

  • Doge 8 LP preamp - for comparison if anyone wanted to listen to this tube preamp instead of the solid state S preamp.

  • All Crystal Cable Absolute Dreams interconnects.

  • S type speaker cable

  • various power cables.

  • Monster power conditioner ( basic lightning/ surge protection.)

  • Shunyata Hydra power conditioner running the Arcam DV 137

  • VibraISO filter vibration filters for the prototype S preamp.